Patient Testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.

Been A Great Help

"Been a great help, had lots of pain in my lower back for years, due to a childhood accident.  Dr. Kidd was able to work out most of the problems within just a few weeks.  Would recommend.  both Dr. Kidd and Joseph are wonderful."


Glad To Finally Find Dr. Joseph

"Compassionate and effective chiropractor.  Dr. Joseph teated me on and off for several years for a neck injury.  Her treatments really helped.  She also listened when I needed someone to talk to and she never rushed her adjustments.  She never hurt me.  I liked at her office she does a long period of massage before each treatment to help the muscles relax.  I also liked that she used the Activator gun on me most of the time rather than cracking my neck.  Before I saw Doctor Joseph I saw 2 other chiropractors who used to rush treatments, crack my neck, cause me pain and scared me.  I was so glad to finally find Dr. Joseph."